Frábær skothaus fyrir einhendur. Við bjóðum upp á þennan sem flothaus og svo flot með hægsökkvandi að framan.
Lestu hér að neðan hvað hönnuðirnir hafa um Salis Skothausinn að segja!

„We believe that slow turnovers are one of the key factors describing really good shooting heads. Slow turnovers mean that the head will fly longer and bring with
it more running line before it straightens. The Salis shooting heads are just like this: Delicately balanced, smoothly tapered, precise and eager to fly all the way. As
perfect for coastal sea trout fishing as for hunting big pike in one of Scandinavia’s countless lakes and, of course, priceless when fishing salmon and sea trout in our
legendary salmon rivers. These shooting heads will perform optimally with poly leaders and our soft and tiny loops will ensure almost seamless loop-to-loop setups
for so many kinds of single hand fly fishing.“