Scierra Surge Tvíhenda

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The strongest, lightest and most powerful materials on the market were at our disposal. We chose the ultimate mix of materials to build the ultimate fly rods based
on our philosophy of depth, smooth, unbroken bending curves and short stroke lengths. A Surge fly rod will bend almost all the way, but the short stroke length will
mask the inherent power of its factual depth until the need for longer casts unveils the true nature of a cultivated beast. Enjoy the seemingly effortless elegance
when casting short lines and feel it morph into equally effortless brutality anytime you engage the deeper and more powerful parts.

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Product Description

  • Deep actions, short stroke lengths, tough tips and infinitely smooth bending curves
  • Visual minimalism based on black and grey
  • Build on 46T Japanese Carbon Material
  • The ultimate best Portuguese cork available
  • Custom made ALPS Aluminum Reel Seat designed to seem bottomless.
  • Pacific Bay lightweight stripping and snake guides, 100% saltwater resistant
  • Supplied in cloth bag and quality tube with aluminum screw in fittings, and carry handle


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SIE Surge 12'6'' #8 – 5sec Rec. Wt. 27-30g, SIE Surge 12'8'' #9 – 5sec Rec. Wt. 31-34g, SIE Surge 13'6'' #9 – 5sec Rec. Wt. 31-34g, SIE Surge 13'9'' #9 – 6sec Rec. Wt. 31-34g, SIE Surge 14'2'' #10 – 5sec Rec. Wt. 35-38g